3/24/2021  Article provided on behalf of Thorn Services
6 Tips to Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

If bed bugs get into your bedding or seats, you can bid goodbye to comfort and peaceful sleep. These tiny creatures are a nuisance to you and your family. They are even difficult to eradicate once they develop their infestation colony in your home. With the following six tips, you can contain bed bugs that hide in your mattress, box springs, walls, carpets, and even in your furniture.

1.Use Sprays to Eradicate Bed Bugs from Your Home

Bed bugs have been proven to avoid quite a number of substances. All these clinically proven substances come in different forms; solvents desiccants, chemical pesticides, and sprays. Most of these chemicals offer the best home remedy solution to bed bugs and other vermins. That said, you can turn to the most available remedy such as essential oils to get rid of bed bugs from your home. 

A perfect example is tea tree oil which kills bed bugs on contact. Specially designed sprays containing fungal-biopesticides can also offer a long-lasting solution to bed bug infestation. These biopesticides include Suspend SC or Apprehend and they are highly effective in controlling pests. 

Another example is the DEET which is known to effectively repel bed bugs. Even if it is not a spray, diatomaceous earth can offer a quick solution to bed bug infestation. When bed bugs come into contact with this compound, they dry out quickly. 

2.Use Basic Traps to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Sometimes you don’t have to stretch your budget to control bed bugs from your home. Instead of going for a bed bug removal service, you can just improvise using an inexpensive trap. In this regard, you can use plastic traps. This option is effective in killing a large number of bed bugs. Plastic traps work in the same way as lures although they don't have any lure to attract bed bugs towards them.

What happens is that when bed bugs try to climb up your bed, they find an obstacle in their way. This obstacle is the trap, which only allows them to climb the outside but not the inside. The trap is slippery and contains some water which drowns bed bugs quickly. 

3.Block All the Entry points Using Tape

This option is effective when preventing bed bug infestations from your neighbor. In this case, you are advised to use tape to block potential entry points for bed bugs. Make sure your tape is sticky enough to trap any bed bug that tries to cross over to your premises. 

To be on the safe side, use unbroken tape on the floor and walls next to your door. The tape will create a barrier that will keep bed bugs away. Ensure that every entry point is sealed off to contain these dangerous pests. Even though this is a temporary solution, you can hold onto it before inviting service providers to your home.

4.Take Advantage of Lures to Eliminate Bed Bugs

You can use lures to stop bed bugs from keeping you awake the whole night. Lures mimic a sleeping person by displaying all the signs that attract bed bugs to them. They can produce some warmth, carbon dioxide, and chemicals that your skin gives off.

When bed bugs get inside these lures, they are killed by drowning in a pool of water since they cannot swim. All you can do is place a lure at a strategic point to attract bed bugs and to keep your home safe.

5.Stay Away from the Source of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are likely to get into your home from a specific source. They can be brought by something or someone visiting your home. Therefore, it is wise to limit contact with the source of these deadly pests. 

You can achieve this goal by keeping away from your friends or neighbors whose homes are infested with bed bugs. 

Before they feel offended for avoiding their contact, you can take a while to explain to them why you are taking this step. You can even encourage them with tips to keep their places safe from all kinds of pests.

6.Turn to Preventive Bed Bug Spraying

Take drastic measures at the right time by using preventive spraying of bed bugs in your neighborhood and your home in particular. Contact a pest removal service to discuss the cost and time of spraying your living space. 

Even if this method isn’t effective against modern-day bed bugs, it will help stop the spread of these pests around your home. This is due to the fact that bed bugs tend to become immune to whatever pesticide is thrown at them. That is why it is recommended to use physical methods like water, heat, or starvation to eliminate them completely.

Final Thought

There are many ways you can control bed bugs. The above-mentioned tips will certainly keep everyone in your home free of bed bugs. If the problem is too much to handle on your own, look for the best bed bug removal service providers to help you get rid of all pests from invading your living space.