3/24/2021  Guest Contributed Article
ATI Restoration

Natural and manmade disasters can occur in a blink of an eye with immeasurable power, causing severe damage to homes and important structures. Fortunately, ATI Restoration offers restoration following various types of emergency disasters. We can easily scale our resources down or up depending on the type and severity of the disaster. If your home or business urgently needs disaster restoration services, contact ATI restoration.

Our Services

We provide the following restoration services to residential and commercial structures;

  • Fire damage restoration – fire emergencies can strike your home or commercial establishment due to lightning, clogged chimneys, misplaced candles, and other causes. Our fire restoration experts are readily available to revamp the affected building into its pre-loss state. While fire can extensively damage several furnishings and cause structural damage, ATI fire restoration services will return it to its original condition.

  • Water damage restoration – water damage can occur due to heavy storms, burst water pipes, and flooded basements. Such emergencies require intervention by trained professionals to remove and remediate your belongings and building structure.

  • Mold remediation – ATI is among the leading mold remediation companies. We conduct a thorough inspection and diagnosis of mold issues before repairing and eliminating further growth.

  • Lead and asbestos abatement – asbestos is a dangerous material that can cause serious health issues. As such, it requires careful removal that our ATI restoration service providers can provide. We assure the safe removal and disposal of lead, asbestos, and other dangerous materials.

  • Demolition debris removal – demolitions or debris that accumulates during renovation is very unsightly. To clean the environment, ATI restoration offers efficient debris removal after damage or reconstruction of a building. This includes both mechanical teardown and interior demolition.

  • Boards up services – proper board up services are essential during restoration projects to prevent theft, vandalism, or additional damage. We can board up your doorways, windows, and roofs for additional safety.

  • Documents restoration – if your essential documents are damaged due to poor storage or water contact, ATI restoration provides air-drying, freeze-drying, hand drying, and desiccant dehumidifying. This has proven effective in restoring books, maps, photos, manuscripts, personal records, and other vital documents.

Other services offered by ATI restoration include;

  • Biohazard and contagious disease decontamination

  • Electronics and machinery restoration

  • HVAC systems and duct cleaning

  • Sewage cleanup

  • Vandalism cleanup and restoration

  • Odor control

  • Emergency power supply

  • Disaster preparedness assessment and training

Contact Professional Restoration Contractors

Disasters often occur unexpectedly and thus require immediate actions. ATI restoration service providers are strategically positioned to sort your emergencies. We have 24/7/365 customer support ready to answer your emergency calls to initiate restoration services. Contact us for more information.