11/25/2018  Peter Jason Gould
Localzz Media may partner or merge with a private company to create a roadmap to go public. Localzz Media has the digital brands to be local information and advertising ecosystem. Localzz Media has put together a digital branded network like no other.
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Localzz Media is a LOCAL INFORMATION NETWORK (LocalInformationNetwork.com) and local advertising network (LocalAdvertisingNetwork.com) that could described as a local information ecosystem (LocalInformationEcosystem.com). This digital ecosystem consists of local information directories (LocalInformationDirectories.com) and local information marketplaces LocalInformationMarketplaces.com). Localzz and Localzz Media is a next-generation digital local media (DigitalLocalMedia.com) company with niche content brands (NicheContentBrands.com) that is building the local information network (TheLocalInformationNetwork.com). Localzz owns and operates a digital portfolio of brands and digital properties. A digital branded network of over 1000+ sites providing local information, local directories, local listings, digital content branded sites, and specialty interest sites. Localzz is planning to be the source for local categories, life categories, lifestyle categories, and life stage categories.